Recent Customers

Corsa With Head Gasket Gone

Customer’s Corsa had a failed head gasket – after receiving quotes off other companies no-one could match ours.

Smart Car Collected to Clear Driveway

Customer’s Smart Car had been sat on their drive for 2 years and wanted to claim the space back, requesting we collect.

Corsa with Multiple Problems

Our customer didn’t wish to go through with a private sale due to the fact their Corsa had a few too many problems. Customer requested we collect the vehicle.

Fiat Panda – Better Price Than Dealers Offer

Our customer purchased a new car, and as the dealer couldn’t offer a reasonable part-ex price they dropped it off with us the same day.

First Car of the Day – Collected Immediately

Straight after receiving their quote we arranged an immediate collection for the customer at their request.

Saxo – Customer Chose us over We Buy Any Car

Our customer had a quote from We Buy Any Car and requested one from us, which resulted in us collecting her Saxo.

Seat Ibiza with Clutch Problems

This customer’s Seat Ibiza was suffering from problems with the clutch so we took it straight to the scrap yard for them.

Rover Failed MOT Due to Dust

We collected this Rover from a customer as it had failed it’s MOT due to excessive rust.

Pegueot 306 With Head Gasket Issues

We collects this problematic Pegueot 306 estate from a customer from North Cave – we cover Hull and the surrounding areas.

Golf With No M.O.T. In Customers Way

We removed this Golf from a customer as it was in their way.