Recent Cars

Customer Wanted Clio Gone Fast

Our customer had seen a new car and asked us to remove her Clio to make space.

Daihatsu Left on Customers Drive for 6 Months

This customer’s Daihatsu was left on their driveway for 6 months due to an issue with the radiator and how expensive a replacement would have cost.

Corsa Collected from Hedon

We picked up this Corsa from a customer in Hedon, who believed the head gasket had gone.

Head Gasket Gone on Punto

The head gasket had gone on a customer’s Punto and they contacted us to remove it.

Crash Damaged Peugeot 206 Removed

We removed this crash damaged Peugeot 206 for a business customer today.

Peugeot 206 – Head Gasket Blown

We picked this Peugeot 206 up from a customer in Leconfield.

Mazda 6 – Engine Troubles

We were the only company in Hull to offer this customer a realistic price for his Mazda 6, which was suffering engine problems.

Audi A4 Collected from Customer

Customer had too many cars and wanted rid quickly, and as the car needed a little TLC before selling privately, we purchased it off him.

Rover No Longer Required by Customer

Customer’s Rover had been sat for 3 months and was no longer required due to him working away.

Ford Escort Required Welding

Picked up on a Sunday at customers convenience, as it required welding work and customer wanted it off her hands as she purchased a new vehicle.